The Annual Report of the Resident Co-ordinator in São Tomé and Principe

Each year the United Nations Team produces a report summarising the situation in the country and UNS interventions in support of national development. Although political problems caused a degree of paralysis last year, the country made progress in some areas, notably in monetary and financial stabilisation. The elections held in November 1998 should allow further progress in 1999.

We have as a team, in collaboration with other partners, been able to achieve some important results in the areas of poverty alleviation and strengthening national capacity for management and good governance. Furthermore we have strengthened achievements in the follow-up of major United Nations conferences.

In this extract we give information about this year's situation, and show how the country and the United Nations Agencies are working together, to improve the quality of life of the people.

Implications of recent political and socio-economic trends for United Nations system development assistance

Overview of development assistance to the country

Highlights of UN assistance in support of national objectives and priorities


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